Our Service

Project Management

We oversee, control and manage all types of construction projects to ensure the final product is delivered on programme, within budget and to your specific requirements. We would also provide a detailed chronological breakdown of the project whenever possible, which would cover every aspect from initial meetings to final completion.

Cost Management

We would initially obtain and analyse all estimates and confirm your absolute approval prior to any works being carried out. All costs relating to the project would be managed under your authority.

Quality Management

Inconsistent building products and poor execution of works can bring disastrous results, but with our quality management team we always ensure that only the best materials and manpower are used.

Construction Management

This is an alternative method of managing the construction process. If our total services are not required, we can tailor our services to suit. If, for example you only need the management of the actual construction, this can be organised. Renson Management can control any aspect of the project that you wish.

Facilities Management

Both private dwellings and commercial premises have the need for regular maintenance, and unfortunately, repairs when things go wrong. By taking out a maintenance contract with Renson Management, we can provide a 24 hour on-call service, tailor made to your specific requirements.

Design and Working Drawings

Every construction project, either new or one that increases the size of a dwelling or involves major structural alterations, requires clear and concise design and working drawings and must be approved and registered by the regulatory authorities. Renson Management can advise in the selection process of architects and design consultants, in addition we can prepare precise documentation which will expedite the acceptance by the regulatory authorities and compliance of building codes.

Land and Property Purchase

If you are experiencing difficulty finding a suitable property or plot of land, or would simply like our advice we can assist. Our knowledge of local areas, real estate companies and any likely pitfall, may be worth exploiting before making any commitment.

Commercially Speaking

Our comprehensive range of professional services also extend to the commercial world. Many, well respected corporate names have chosen Renson Management to manage their building projects.

Jyske Bank

A Gibraltar based Bank who have maintained our services for many years in the renovation and refurbishment of re-possessed properties for eventual re-sale. In addition Renson Management maintain the banks personally owned properties which allows the bank and their tenants to have complete peace of mind.

Past projects have been the refurbishment of the banking hall for ABN AMRO Bank who were a private bank in Gibraltar, which was a complicated project due to the works being carried out to a strict timescale with minimum disruption to the banks customers. Also the renovation of the facia of the old Abbey National offices in Gibraltar including refurbishment of the offices and re-possessed properties prior to re-sale.

Urbanisations, Infrastructures, Communities

The scope of our services still extend further beyond commercial and private clients to these areas too. We have been involved in upgrading of infrastructures to comply with local authority statutory requirements, painting of external communal areas including five apartment blocks.